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Which market can I trade online?

At the moment, you can trade on all stocks listed on the Bursa Malaysia, Malaysia.

When can I submit my order?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the market is in session, your order(s) will be routed directly to the dealer's representative. However, if the market is closed, your order(s) will be routed to the dealer's representative in the next session when the market opens.

How will I know that my trade has been submitted?

When an order is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation and an order number will be assigned to that order. The order will have the status of "Pending Dealer" in the Pending Order screen.

How do I buy or sell odd lots?

Right click on the stock highlighted and click on 'Buy/Sell Odd Lot'. More information on odd lot can be obtained by clicking on 'Market', then click 'Odd Lot'. Key in the desired stock and the details will appear.

How do I know that my trades/ orders have been executed and how fast can my executions be done through online?

Upon receiving your orders through the Internet, it will be directly sent to the Exchange via the dealer's representative. Your orders will be matched depending on market conditions and the volatility of the stock.

If I am disconnected while sending orders, what should I do?

If you are disconnected while sending an online order, reconnect and check your order at the Pending Order status screen. If your order did not go through at the time of disconnection, you will need to resubmit the order again.

Can I revise an order?

You may revise a pending order that has not been matched in the market. A revision is only POSSIBLE for the QUANTITY of the order. To revise the price, you will have to cancel the WHOLE order and submit a fresh order. If you are away from your computer and wish to revise an order, you may call your dealer's representative to assist you.

Can I cancel an order?

You may cancel a pending order as long as it is not matched in the market. If you are away from your computer and wish to cancel your order, you may call your dealer's representative to assist you.

What will happen to my unmatched orders at the end of a trading day?

All unmatched orders for the day will expire at the end of that trading day. However, if it is a Good Till Date (GTD) order (this is a Standing Instruction, good till a certain date specified by the client), it will automatically re-queue at each trading session until it is matched, or when the instruction expired, rejected or failed.

What happens if I submit an order after the market is closed?

An order submitted after the close of the market is classified as a Standing Instruction. You may view and manage these standing instructions at the "Pending Instruction" screen. Your order will be queued for execution when the market opens on the next trading day

What is the maximum timeframe for a GTD order?

You may place a GTD order for a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the day the order is submitted. However, if this Standing Instruction order is rejected or failed, it will NOT automatically re-queue at the next trading session. When this happens, you are advised to key in a fresh Instruction.

What happens if I make a mistake, such as buying or selling the wrong stock?

Once a trade is matched, it is treated in the same manner as trades executed through your dealer's representative. We advise you to exercise caution in your choice of stock and extra care in the online submissions of your orders.

In what situations would an order be considered unacceptable?

An order will be considered unacceptable in any of the following situations:

  • A counter has not been selected
  • The stock quantity is less than or equal to zero
  • The stock quantity has exceeded the maximum quantity allowed in a single trade
  • The stock price is less than or equal to zero
  • The stock price has exceeded the upper or lower price limit allowed
  • The stock price is not in accordance with the price bid interval as provided by Bursa Malaysia
  • The order date was submitted wrongly ie. backdating is not allowed
  • The particular counter has been suspended
  • You have no trading limit
  • You have exceeded your trading limit
  • Your trading account has been suspended
  • Your account has not been activated
How do I keep track of my order status?

The status of every order is tracked in the "Order Status" screen. Generally, there are 8 types of status:

Status Description

  • Pending Dealer. Your order has been successfully submitted and is pending for execution by the dealer's representative.
  • Pending Exchange. Your order has been successfully executed by the dealer's representative and is waiting for the order to be matched at the exchange.
  • Matched. Your order has been matched at the exchange.
  • Partial Matched. Your order has been partially matched, with the matched quantity shown.
  • Session Expired. Your order has expired at the end of the session.
  • Cancelled. Your original quantity ordered has been successfully cancelled.
  • Rejected. Your order has been rejected. You may view the reason for rejection by moving your mouse pointer to "Rejected" status.
  • Fail BFE. The Broker Front End (BFE) trading system has failed to execute the order to the exchange. For example, a request to cancel or revise an order was initiated but could not be processed because a matching process is in progress.

Important tip:
In order to view the updated status at any point in time, please refresh your screen by pressing F5 (Refresh shortcut key)

How can I track 'Off Market Hours' orders?

Orders placed during 'Off Market Hours' can be tracked in 'Order Status' under the category 'Instruction' until the next trading day.

How do I set up my stock portfolio in the system?

The system will manage the portfolio for you. This portfolio will be automatically updated whenever a buy and/ or sell order has been matched.

Can I submit or amend orders via email?

No, we do not accept submissions or amendments of orders via email. All orders and cancellations must be placed through our recognized trading channels, which is, the Internet or telephone.

How do I view my historical data?

All historical data may be viewed from the "Order Status" screen. Click on the History button from the respective "Order Status" screen (except "Pending Order" screen) and the historical data screen will pop up. All historical orders will be kept for approximately 3 months for the respective status. Orders that are older than 3 months will be archived at the end of the period.

What type of transaction costs do I need to pay in order to trade online?

There is NO additional transaction cost! You only need to pay for:
Brokerage Commission (below are the rates effective from 1st Feb 2008)

 Contract Value  Commission Rate(%)
 <100,000  minimum brokerage shall be at 0.60 of contract value
 >100,000  minimum brokerage shall be at 0.30 of contract value
 Online routed retail trades  Up to 30% discount
 Same day buy and sell trades(Intraday)  0.15% of contract value

Minimum commission for loan stock transactions shall remain unchanged at RM2.00 and for other transactions shall remain at RM28.00 per contract for online trades.

Clearing fee for On-Market of 0.03% of contract value.

Stamp duty of RM 1.00 for RM1, 000 or fraction part of contract value.

What happens if I am away from my computer? How can I place an order?

If you are away from your computer or have some difficulty placing an electronic order you may call your designated dealer’s representative to place a trade at no extra charge.

What is a contra transaction?

A contra transaction takes place when you buy and sell the same counter/ stocks within T+3. It is a transaction where a member company allows its clients to settle outstanding purchase positions against outstanding sales positions of the same securities.

What is a Limit Order?

A Limit Order is a Buy or Sell Order of shares at a specified price, or better. In this case, the order will not be completed at a price higher for a Buy Order or lower for a Sell Order than the specified price. While this type of order offers the investor some security in the cost of the transaction, it also narrows the possibility of an executed order. An investor would commonly use this type of order if he wants to achieve a targeted price during a specified time period.

How will I know how much is my trading limit?

Trading limit is reflected in the 'Portfolio' as "Balance" and as "Credit" in the 'Buy/Sell Applet’ screen.

If I have more than one trading account, how do I ensure that I trade under the desired account?

In the 'Buy/ Sell Applet' click on the little arrow under 'Account No/ Name'. Your trading account/s maintained with Affin Hwang Capital will appear. Click on the desired account to trade.