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The following are our recommended technical requirements for optimal performance:
  • Internet-enabled PC II or III or above or notebook with Pentium IV or higher CPU
  • At least 128MB of RAM
  • Windows XP or above
  • A minimum 56kbps modem (or xDSL broadband preferred)
  • Available hard disk space of 100MB
  • Digital colour monitor of 15 or above
  • An E-mail Account
For best view, you may download the necessary software from the following links, by clicking on the icons
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1
For upgrading your browser to our recommended Internet Explorer version for better performance and to support 128bit High Encryption.
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or higher
For viewing the English Stock Price I real-time quotes or Chinese real-time quotes.
Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
For upgrading your browser to load the Java application, in order to view the English Stock Price II real-time quotes and charting e.g. Stock Tracker, Analysis Chart, Indices and etc.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
For viewing Affin Hwang Capital Research and Online documents.
Macromedia Flash
For downloading the free Macromedia Flash Player if you are unable to view or load flash images in this site.
We recommend the following settings for better viewing:
  • Set the monitor resolution at 1024 x 768
  • 16-bit color display mode or above
  • For best viewing of the real-time quotes, press for full screen view
  • Alternatively select View from top menu bar and click on Full Screen
  • Set the text size to medium for browser (option Text size under View menu)
Do I need to clear out my temporary Internet files (cache)?

The cache is a memory feature of the browser that you are using. It helps you to navigate back and forth between pages quickly. As these temporary Internet files grow bigger it will cause slowness or pages to load improperly (e.g. an icon does not appear). You may do the following to clear the cache:

  1. From the browser's top menu bar, select Tool and choose Internet Options
  2. Go to General tab, at the Temporary Internet Files section
  3. Click on Delete Files
  4. Click OK
  5. Close and open browser for the change to take effect.
Why do I need to enable the Java script and Cookies functions?

Java Script allows you to click on buttons and pull down or drop down menus. If Java script is not enabled, you will not be able to navigate the site. Cookies are used as a security feature that needs to be enabled to use our web site effectively. In order to do this, you need to maintain the following settings in the browser

  1. From the browser's top menu bar, select Tool and choose Internet Options from the dropdown menu
  2. Go to Security tab
  3. Click on Custom Level button, the Security Settings screen will pop up
  4. For cookies setting: make sure Enable is checked under Cookies
  5. For Java scripts setting: make sure Enable is checked under Scripting/Active Scripting
  6. Click OK
  7. Close and open browser for the change to take effect
Why is it that I can access the site from my home but not from my office?

If you are unable to access from office, there may be a secure internal network called firewall set up in your company network. A firewall keeps your company's network secure but it can also prevent unauthorized access to certain web sites from your office. The most common error message received when you are behind a firewall is "Server Error". In such a case, please advise your company networks administrator to authorize the access to our web site.

I am not able to click on the sub items, it was in grey colour. What should I do?

1. You must make sure it is Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or higher version

  • Click "Help"
  • Click "About Internet Explorer"

2. You must make sure Settings Control Panel Java Plug-in Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer is not checked.

  • Click "Start"
  • Click "Setting"
  • Click "Control Panel"
  • Click on icon "Java Plug In"
  • Click " Browser"
  • Make sure "Microsoft Internet Explorer" is not checked.

3. You must make sure in IE Tools Internet Options Advanced you have Microsoft VM with 1st and 3rd options checked

  • Click "Tools"
  • Click "Internet Options"
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Under Microsoft VM, 1st and 3rd options are checked

4. If you have Sun Java Installed, make sure in IE Tools Internet Options Advanced Java(Sun) Use Java 2 v is not checked.

  • Click "Tools"
  • Click "Internet Options"
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Make sure the option under Java (Sun) is not checked.

If problem still exists, please download an updated JVM version from here(To update the program). Once the 'File Download' window pop up, click 'Open' and install it. Then reboot your PC after that.

However, if from IE Tools Internet Options Advanced Tab as shown from the above screenshot does not have 'Microsoft VM' option, then you need to install the program from here (To install new program).
(Note: Installation needs to be done before any new updates).

How do I find out whether Microsoft Java Virtual Machine has been installed in my system?
  • From IE, click "Tools"
  • Click "Internet Options"
  • Click "Advanced"

If you have installed Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM), in Advanced Tab you will see the screenshot like below.

How do I know my Microsoft JVM's version if I have the program ?
  • From IE, click "Tools"
  • Click "Internet Options"
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Check the 1st options of Microsoft VM
  • Click 'Apply' to save setting
  • Go back to IE broswer, click "View"
  • Click"Java Console", the Microsoft VM version show at top of this window as shown below.

Note : The recommended version is Microsoft VM for Java, 5.0 Release

What is a pop up blocker?

Pop up blocker prevents new windows from appearing when you visit a website. A few popular browsers ie: Google, Yahoo, MSN provides this feature. If pop up blocker function is on, you will not be able to log on, view portfolio manager, buy/sell applet and order status screen. In order to deactivate the pop up blocker function, you can do the following:-

  1. Click on 'Start', then 'Settings' then 'Control Panel'
  2. Double click on the 'Add/Remove Programs'
  3. In your 'Currently Installed Programs', locate any 'MSN Toolbar', 'Yahoo Toolbar' or 'MSN Hotbar'
  4. Click 'Remove' and restart your browser.
  5. Close and open browser for the change to take effect