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How do I settle purchase trades done through the Internet?

a) By direct banking-in to our bank account

You may bank-in your payments to any of the Affin Hwang Capital's bank accounts stated below and fax the bank-in slip to your designated dealer's representative to inform on your payment:

Bank account No.
 Bank Name Chulan Tower Klang Curve
 Affin Bank 100260005978 101650000906 101180000065
 Maybank 514356102675 512110021836 512763300454
 Public Bank 3091429517 3146527323 -
 CIMB Bank 14081201206051 12430003413058 -
 RHB Bank 26402100001443 26402100001443 -
 Hong Leong Bank - 03600079823 -
 United Overseas Bank 24830308142 -  

Client of Curve, Taman Midah and Sea Park branches may also bank-in into our Chulan Tower branch's bank accounts.
Client of Bukit Tinggi branch may also bank-in into Klang branch's bank accounts.

b) At Affin Hwang Capital counter/ dealer's representatives:

You may settle at our respective branch's counters either by cash/cheque payable to Affin Hwang Capital or via your designated dealer's representative.

c) By Internet banking either through Affin Bank, Maybank or CIMB Bank.

Can I check my outstanding position online?

Yes, you may check your outstanding position by clicking on the 'Report' menu and select 'Client Summary'.
Note: Your outstanding position is the end of the day position of the previous day

When do I receive my contract notes?

Generated contract notes will be sent to you on the next working day following each transaction (T+1). Alternatively, you may view or print out the e-contract from the web site. Click 'Report' and select 'e-contract'.

When do I need to settle my contra loss?

Whenever a contra loss occurs, you will be required to settle the dues within five (5) business days following the date of contra, failing which interest shall be charged on the outstanding contra losses at the prevailing interest rate set by the company.

When do I get my contra profits payment?

Contra profit payment shall be paid to you on the 5th Market Day following the date of contra, after deducting contra loss (es), outstanding interest and/ or any other debit charges.

Can I authorize a third party to collect my sales cheque?

Yes, you will need to sign on the Letter of Authorization and Standing Instructions as attached in the Individual Account Application Form.

When must I pay for the shares that I bought through the Internet?

Pursuant to Bursa Malaysia's FDSS rules, you are required to settle on T+3 (due date) before 12:30 pm.

What is the key dates that I have to be aware of for sale of securities?

Securities have to be ready for delivery in your CDS account at the latest by 12.30pm on T+2. Bursa Malaysia will carry out an auto buy-in on T+3 should you fail to deliver the securities by T+2. Any losses or transaction costs incurred will have to be borne by you; likewise you are entitled to receive the gains, if any.
A buy-in situation only arises if you fail to deliver the securities at the stipulated period. Pursuant the CMSA 2007, it is construed as a short selling, and is a criminal offence.

If I wish to withdraw cash from Trust Account, what should I do?

You may contact your designated dealer representative or print out and complete the withdrawal Request Form online and fax it over to us

Where can I check my net cash balance?

Click on 'Settlement' and 'e-settlement'. Reflected in red 'Amount Available to Setoff Outstanding' is your cash balance in your account.