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Why use e-Settlement?

e-Settlement is an online payment service offered to the client.
It is convenient as there is no need to queue or issue cheques.
It is FREE of charge
You can pay from any where, your home or office, no traffic jams, no queues and no hassle
You can view exactly what you have to settle
You are able to settle multiple contracts at one time

What are the payment modes available?

It could be set off against Credit Balance (Trust / Contra Profit / Dividend / Credit Billing) Online Payment via Internet Banking

To perform online payment via Internet Banking, do I have to be a customer of Affin Bank Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad or Maybank Berhad ?

Yes, you do need to have a savings or current account with either Affin Bank, CIMB Bank or Maybank and sign up for Internet Banking with the respective Bank of your choice.

How can I settle my outstanding contracts via affinOnline.com?

Click on 'E-Settlement'

Select the contracts that you wish to settle

Select payment mode

Confirm your entry to obtain a Reference Number

View your settlement status via screen

You may online bank-in your payments to any of the Affin Hwang Capital's bank accounts stated below and must inform or fax the receipt of payment to your designated dealer's representative to inform on your payment:

Bank Account No.:

Affin Bank LTAT, KL : 100260005978
Affin Bank Klang : 100750009183

How can I confirm that my contracts are settled?

You can check your settlement status from the screen.

Can I settle my contracts partially?

Yes, you could provided you choose to settle the partial contract in marketable lot.

Will I be able to keep track of my E-Settlement transactions?

Yes. Click on 'Settlement Status', you will be able to view payments made. You may print and keep this statement for your record.

Can I settle my contracts after T+3 (due date) via Internet Banking?

No. Settlement has to strictly follow the Bursa Malaysia's Fixed Delivery and Settlement System (FDSS).